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With less than a week left before advance polls open, and 18 days before election day, you might be wondering what your voting options are, who is running in your ward, and which ward you actually live in. Given the confusion over the last few weeks, many people are understandably still not clear.

You can find out this information by going to the handy MyVote tool, located here, and entering your address.

Advance voting

Advance polls are open October 10-14. If you live in TDSB Ward 22, which corresponds with City Ward 25, you can vote at one of the following three locations:

* Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

* Heron Park Community Centre, 292 Manse Road

* Malvern Community Centre, 30 Sewells Road

Election day

Election Day is on October 22nd. You can find your voting place using the MyVote tool. All voting places are fully accessible to people with disabilities. By now, you should have received your voter information card in the mail. If you didn’t, go here to ensure that you are on the voter’s list. If election day comes around and you haven’t gotten around to getting yourself onto the voter’s list, don’t worry – you can add your name simply by showing up with a piece of government-approved ID.

Other voting options

* If you are unable to vote on any of the voting days, you may appoint a proxy to cast a ballot on your behalf. As long as the proxy is someone eligible to vote in this election, you’re good to go.

* If you are physically unable to get into the voting place, bring along a friend or family member who can. They can ask voting officials to bring your ballot out to you.

* Voter assist terminals will be available at most voting places. These devices are equipped with features like touch screen, audio, Braille keypads, foot peddles, puff tube devices, and other things designed to enable people with disabilities to vote. If there is no voter assist terminal at your assigned voting place, you can ask to have your ballot transferred to a place where one is available.

* If you need assistance, you may bring a support person who will be allowed to accompany you behind the voting screen after making an oral declaration.

* If you are unable to leave your home due to illness, injury or disability, you may be eligible for the home visit pilot program, but you have to register by October 9th. If you are signed up for this program, elections officials will visit you so you can cast your ballot. You will be allowed to receive assistance from a support person if needed.

Remember, by law you are allowed to take time off work to vote. Your employer has the discretion to determine what time of day is best, so be sure to talk to them to make the necessary arrangements.

For more information about voting, visit the Toronto City website, or send me an email.


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