Some Facts About Me

Many people have been asking me about the journey that led to me running for TDSB trustee. What is it about me that qualifies me for this job? Here are a few highlights:

* For fifteen years, I ran the Light of DAE Studios, a not-for-profit venture aimed at helping at-risk youth. During this time, the Mayor of Pickering gave us the Business of the Year Award for our service to the community.

* I have many years of professional project management experience. What does that mean? I am an expert at implementing solutions and programs on time and within budget.

* Communication is my gig. I am a writer, a speaker, a trainer, a presenter. I know how to get a message across effectively, and even more crucially, I know how to listen.

* I am the parent of two kids in TDSB schools. One of my sons is autistic, which means I have a world of experience in advocacy with the school board. I was one of the driving forces behind the creation of a new special ed program in one of our schools that has changed the lives of many kids.

* I served as school council chair for two years. During this time, I worked with principals, the trustee and the superintendent to resolve problems. This means I will start the term of office with knowledge of how the school board operates.

* I have been living in this community for more than 15 years. I have formed valuable connections with community leaders, police officers, representatives from the municipal, provincial and federal governments, and more.

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