TDSB Ward 22 Boundaries

After the kerfuffle surrounding the upcoming election, the bill proposed by Premier Doug Ford to cut the number of Toronto city councillors to 25 and redraw the wards accordingly has been passed. The Toronto city clerk has notified candidates that the election, which will still be held on October 22nd, will be conducted for 25 city wards, and not 47 as originally planned.

The redrawing of city wards meant that school board wards had to change as well, even though the number of school board wards remains the same. The laws dictate that school board wards can combine municipal wards, but they cannot divide them. Therefore, the school boards had to come up with wards that would align with the new municipal wards.

The Toronto District School Board came up with a number of options based on different factors. In the end, the one they voted for is the one that more or less balances the number of schools in each ward. Unless something changes between now and the election, I will be running my campaign based on the new ward 22, which is pictured above.

The new western boundary means that there a number of parents will not be able to vote in the wards where their children attend school. If I am elected, I will commit to forming strong collaborative relationships with the trustees in other wards, so that together we can ensure the achievement, wellbeing and equity of all students.

I remain excited to be running for the position of TDSB trustee for Ward 22, and I look forward to seeing you all on the campaign trail!

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  1. It’s weird to think that Ford Nation thinks that Less is More. I believe that you are the best fit for this ward. #NEVERGIVEUP



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